Sunday, March 3, 2013

My new Makita tools detailed overview

My new Makita tools detailed overview Video Clips. Duration : 8.33 Mins.

Ok so lets take the time and have a closer look on the 3 very awesome and brand new machines. I really haven't used them yet, because I kinda ran out of money for the week I bought them, lol. Well planned douche! xD Anyway, I dont really have the time to build anything either, I first have to plan and then build! So it still works out, I am so much in love with the miter saw that I regret you can't use it all the time. I would love to use it cutting bread and onions too, but it just aint praticable I guess, hehe. And also I was stupid forgetting to show the adjustable table/base of the jig saw, for that you have a little wrench on the machine and it really takes only a few seconds. Again, 2 important angles lock right in and the rest you can adjust to where ever you want. A really great tool. Buy Makita ppl, it is so much worth it and so much fun working with them. The only Company that beats all that is Festool, but gosh, their stuff is ALWAYS twice as much money or even more than Makita, so yeah, you will be just fine with blue. Enjoy and please leave a comment and rating, thanks! :)


james abram said...

Wow! You did a great video about your Makita Power tool! Thanks by the way, I bought mine here:

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