Saturday, November 24, 2012

DAK Auto Bakery - Bread Machine Manual

DAK Auto Bakery - Bread Machine Manual Tube. Duration : 6.78 Mins.

Update 2011: I'm glad these videos have helped so many people out! To the more sensitive, yes, it is a very messy college kitchen that was shared by 4 college students. To make a clean area for this video most of the mess was moved into the sinks where the people who made them dirty would, one day, clean them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a basic manual of how to put together and use the DAK Auto Bakery. This is a very old machine but alot of them were sold. Many people have one but don't have a manual and trying to get a manual usually involves sending someone on ebay money for a photocopy and hopefully not get ripped off. For the most part though, these were made to be a simple procedure, and when you are aware of what is supposed to happen it usually requires nothing more than the recipe and ingredients. See the video reply for making a mid sized loaf of basic white bread which rounds out the 'manual'.


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