Friday, November 23, 2012

Soviet Gulag

Soviet Gulag Tube. Duration : 7.38 Mins.

RU14, 1930s, W/out sound. Propaganda film about the construction of the BAM railway (Baikal-Amur Mainline), 1937. Hard labour camp / gulag in Siberia : huts in forest (tents), in winter, taiga, snow. The Siberian Russian forest in summer, lumbermen cutting trees, vs woodcutters (gulag workers, zeks) at work, men carrying wood logs, iron bars, sleepers, building railroad tracks, train passing on new tracks. Roadworks : prisoners filling and pushing carts and wheelbarrows w/ earth, working in water, on colliery railroads, vs CU men digging, shovels, drill. Lunchtime for the BAM railway workers, vs gulag prisoners eating. Rations of rye bread. Zeks eat soup. Pan faces. MCU teapots, someone helps himself to a cup of tea. Billboard w/ the objectives for each brigade of the BAM railway : competitiveness, socialist emulation in labour camps among teams of gulag workers. CU faces.


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