Monday, November 26, 2012

Logging Camp 2

Logging Camp 2 Video Clips. Duration : 2.43 Mins.

Winter 1994-Near Bella Coola area at Kwatna Bay.Fly in camp.Upon stepping out of the plane,the van driver proceeded to run over half our luggage with the front passenger tire,this was actually a really good intro to the way this whole job went.I just happened to get a room in a real good location,thought I was special.That first night it sounded like an engine brake in a Pacific every 9 seconds,turns out I live next to the loudest snoring and biggest log loading engineer on the coast.withonly a thin a panel of veneer between us.The 235 tracks were the worst they could possibly be,a whole new undercarriage was in the yard,but those must have been getting saved for the next guy.Had to walk it one day about 8 km to camp,When back at camp noticed it left a pee of oil behind it,turns out the engine support mounts shook to death and the engine fell off them,lowering it about 4 inches or so and pulling the main suction pump line down and splitting it.theres actually no spare hose like that got mickey moused back together ,jacked up the engine,re bolted it in.I made the mistake one day of geting told something by the foreman and giving my opinion on the matter,well,the next day I was on the red boat for a 25 minute ride across the bay,to "Clean Ditches"the foreman told me the Hitachi may have a window out,so I might want to bring a small piece of plastic or some bread bags and duct tape(in photo)This sounded great,what an adventure and a boat ride! We got across the bay ...


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