Thursday, November 29, 2012


PIZZA SANDWICH Tube. Duration : 0.88 Mins.

This video is about how to make a quick pizza sandwich. This has advantages since you dont have to make any pizza dough; substituting premade bread instead. The sauce can be real Pizza Sauce or just regular spaghetti sauce. The cheese was basic cheese slices you find in the plastic wrap. You can also use shredded mozarella cheese. My brother uses tomato slices instead of sauce. For this method, you may want to use an oven, or better yet, a toaster oven. In this method you can eliminate the top bread and bake like a regular pizza instead of a pizza sandwich. I used an electric stove to cook this, and the setting was at about 4.5 (4 and a half). Add toppings you like such as pizza seasonings, and maby onions, etc. For the next video, I might make an in-depth discussion of a grilled cheese sandwich or "brick"; as some of you remember.


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