Friday, January 18, 2013

Flamingo Marina Resort Flamingo Beach, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Flamingo Marina Resort Flamingo Beach, Guanacaste Costa Rica Tube. Duration : 5.10 Mins.

This is the hotel I'm staying at in Flamingo Beach Guantacaste Costa Rica It's called "Flamingo Marin Beach" The web site is: It is an extremely nice resort. This is a marina so we are located right on the pacific ocean with own private beach and boat launch. Flamingo Beach is located about one hour from Liberia, Cost Rica down an entirely dirt road. I was charged USD which is allot and I know I was over charged, but I was simply happy to arrive in one piece and not driven to a remote location robbed and abandoned which is an entirely too common practice here in Central America. (the price advertised on the web is a taxi fee of USD) Flamingo Beach is an extremely beautiful part of Costa Rica on the Northern West Coast. The town it's self basically has two corner stores that's products are extremely overpriced. My suite is sweet. It has: - a stainless steel fridge& sink. - a toaster - a microwave - a LCD TV -a DivX player with USB & Karaoke mic inputs -remote control A/C -my suite has a balcony with a gate that leads to the private beach. - the kitchen has a set of three pots, plates, cutlery, a serving spoon, tongs, spatulas, serving tongs, wine opener, a French knife, a paring knife, bottle opener, scissors. -toaster -a two burner glass stovetop -three Tupperware containers -three coffee mugs, drinking & wine glasses -two ceiling fans -a wine rack -a leather love seat -a four chair breakfast nook -free WiFi I paid 4 for 7 days. There ...


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