Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wheat Berries for Bread: Grinding, Storage, and Other Uses

Wheat Berries for Bread: Grinding, Storage, and Other Uses Video Clips. Duration : 23.18 Mins.

Here is a great place to purchase the Wonder Mill: For orders in bulk, check out this website: Thinking about using wheat berries? In this video I share with you a few things I do to purchase, grind, and store wheat for bread making. There are many other uses for wheat berries too! :) The nutritional value of store bought, milled flours vary greatly. For example, white flour contains the least amount of nutritional value as the wheat germ and bran has been removed and only the endosperm remains. Whole wheat flour may contain the germ and bran, though it is usually removed during the milling process and then added back. The more wheat germ and bran in the flour, the shorter the shelf life. The bran and germ have high concentrations of oil and will quickly become rancid, as do most oils (making them trans fat), after exposure to oxygen/heat from the milling process. This is the reason whole wheat flours, pasta's, etc. have a shorter shelf life. For the highest quality store purchased flour, look for stone ground wheat. The stone burrs tend to stay cooler than metal burrs and give a better flavor to your flour. For the highest quality flour, purchase wheat berries and grind them yourself with an electric grinder. It only takes about a minute and you will receive the optimum nutrition from your grain. Also, the best benefit is that wheat berries have almost a never-ending shelf life which is great for food security! Here is ...


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