Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Top 40 Moves of Alex Shelley

Top 40 Moves of Alex Shelley Video Clips. Duration : 8.60 Mins.

So, here it is! My first big list for a while, it sure took a long time to make. Sorry for the 4:3 ratio on almost all clips, most of the clips were pre-2008ish and the indys are not good at widescreen. I'd like to give my explanations for the top 10. Sorry for not including the it came from japan, couldn't find it. I only have the it came from japan II 1. Border City Stretch = Many people will probably be surprised with this being at number one. There's a couple of explanations for that. First of all: It's a kick ass move, and it looks like it would hurt like hell. One of the best submissions in newer days in my opinion. I'd take a submission finisher over a grabble finisher alot of the times, especially when it's a submission of this calibur. 2.WA4/Air Raid Crash = This is number two cause it's a kickass move. It has a great ammount of head spikage in it, and looks like it would knock you out cold. And the fact that he can do it to guys like castagnoli or kevin steen makes it even more impressive. 3. Sliced Bread No.2/Shiranui = It might not have so much impact, but it's just a such a kickass move that I decided to put it at number 3. The way he just grabs around their head, run up the turnbuckles and backflip amazes me, and he does it picture perfect each and every time 4. It Came From Japan II =Alot of people may find this weird since he hasn't used it as a finisher that many times, but.. Look at the move, and you will see a crazy and innovative move. The way he hooks ...


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