Saturday, December 29, 2012

All New Digging Minecraft - Kangaroos and Racecars.

All New Digging Minecraft - Kangaroos and Racecars. Video Clips. Duration : 21.73 Mins.

Episode 34 in my all New Digging Minecraft series. This episode we look at the final upgrades to the villager trading system. After taking on board all the suggestions, spreading them on bread and frying them in lard, I've come up with a pretty good solution. Thanks to Tryndabro for the cactus suggestion. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Docm77's Villager Trading Machine - --------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media: • Twitch TV: • Twitter: • Google+: • Shoutet: • Donate: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Featured Video: --------------------------------------------------------------------- More Painting Mod: Texture Pack Details: • Sphax PureBDcraft Official Website - • Forum Post for Sphax PureBDCraft - World Download: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro Music • C418 - Mice on Venus: Outro Music • - Trancy Dance Hip Hop:


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