Monday, December 31, 2012

K-Rino - The Plan Ft Sniper (Lyrics)

K-Rino - The Plan Ft Sniper (Lyrics) Video Clips. Duration : 3.60 Mins.

Greatest song of all time from K-Rino. Killuminati for life! I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS MATERIAL. [K-Rino:] What's the plan? I'll reveal some of it to you what's the plan? To not let you consciously advances With mindless radio and television programs Doping you up with new grand's of illegal contraband Once again activated the hand of the son of man No regards for life no change for yours Lies and more techs that will finance in wars while you're partying ignoring the news they sign laws Deceptively form and methods to keep you behind bars Who rules the planet the people who's over dim? The president aint number one he got powers controlling him Long before 9/11's nationwide fraud America had been the master of the inside job Anytime there was a tragedy the face was in the picture (yeah) When the Rothschild family was breaking bread with Hitler And all they ever did was enslave you and pillage you Stop honoring and country that's responsible for killing you [Chorus: Sniper] Sound the alarm The Government is tryna do us harm Don't worry about the weather its the calm before the storm Pay attention to the mission cause these wools about to getcha Either do as they say or they'll take you out the picture [K-Rino:] What's the plan? The prophet off the poor man's habits pharmaceutical corps met a nation of drug addicts They don't wanna cure they want money while you a dope fiend I see the devil every time I look at most things It's hell in the ghetto but it's better in the ...


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