Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who Would Win - Who Would Win 7: Optimus Prime VS Harry Potter

Who Would Win - Who Would Win 7: Optimus Prime VS Harry Potter Tube. Duration : 4.15 Mins.

TheAnimationEmpire asks you... Who Would Win between the big machine (Optimus Prime from Transformers) and the chosen wizard (Harry Potter)? Cast your votes in the comments or with a Response Video. Let's see if you Tubers agree with The Animation Empire Doodz. Directed and edited by MattyO. Check out MattyO's "Spectrum Song" and "Flowers N Plus" on his channel: Written by Ed 'word' Price with assistance by MattyO. Featured Animation Empire Doodz include: Ed, Justin, Owen, Evan, Tyler, Chris, Colin, and Andrew. Thanks! Please subscribe for more! - TAE Of course, our bread and butter is our animations (we're not called an empire for nothing)... Join the 3D animated world of Fruits and Bugs... Fruits VS Bugs - Episode 1: Fruits VS Bugs - Episode 2: Fruits VS Bugs - Agents Always Win: Extra Fruity: Watch the animation process in Making of the MGM Logo: Non animations... There's a great new product coming out called Email: WHO WOULD WIN? 1 - Punky Brewster VS Pippi Longstocking: 2 - Superman VS Batman: 3 - Superman VS Himself: 4 - Ash (Pokemon) VS Ash (Army of Darkness): 5 - Abraham Lincoln VS Ronald Reagan: 6 - Walt Disney VS Bill Gates: 7 - Optimus Prime VS Harry Potter: 8 - Woverine VS Aquaman: 9 - Captain Jack Sparrow VS Captain America: 10 - Indiana Jones ...


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