Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mongoose - Land Of The Free feat. Cade, Dub fx

Mongoose - Land Of The Free feat. Cade, Dub fx Tube. Duration : 5.65 Mins.

Buy link: Out on 29/07/2011 Lyrics: LandLord called said the rent came Late Sent his friend fear to Investigate Theres a ROAR at the door saying LET ME IN Shit, five more minutes probably kick it in Neighbours ignoring my scene Eyes on the bubble gum TV screen LIKE slam Bust the door So I, Commando roll down my living room floor Flat mate on his PS 3 im like Quick man grab it and come with me but he sits without a flinch and fears sees me He reaches to his hip & then he fires out 3 So i DIVE, mid flight grab the toaster Land in the kitchen MAN looks like me Pack 2 rounds of bread hit em in the head & when he's DAZED make my escape WHAT to the LAND OF THE FREE Me fly away from the filth and grim Me got to much to say but we got no time Zip up the suit on a murderous crime Looking down at the body, it' mine Me was a ghost in a shell & (?) & we ringing the bell on me own despair Me going to chase up the light i swear From the people that me love and care QUICK. burst out the back door Blinded by Light I trip and then fall Dizzy turn who do i see, I see FEAR with a water pistol pointed at me He sprays slim ill say a magic rhyme then Instantly i see A can Krylon point it at my chest paint a slim proof vest YES protected from the green mess OH Ricochet Hits a wheely bin Transformer Style turns it in To a lean mean fighting machine that dont play Rubbish in the air look love to stay But i slip slip, dive dive, suicide fly Spray wings and launch for the sky ...


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