Monday, December 10, 2012

Making Home Made Italian Meatballs

Making Home Made Italian Meatballs Video Clips. Duration : 9.82 Mins.

Here we go making another Italian dinner that we all enjoy so much. Thats right home made Italian meatballs. We makes the sauce and the meatballs. You can have them with any pasta dish or even on an Italian roll. You can also add a half of chopped onion in the sauce and the other half in the meatballs for more flavor. If you don't care for garlic then you can completely replace the garlic with a whole onion. Disclosure!! I dont cook meatballs in a crockpot but at that time we were living in a smaller house and it was not easy filming a frontal view of the preparation without making some compromises for the video. Behind the scenes the gravy was simmering slowly in the pot on the stove while the meatballs were being rolled. Due to moving away from NY where all the good ingredients are for Italian food I had to compromise with the items I found down south. Here is the way I prefer to make the meatballs, but of course I can't give away all the family cooking secrets. I uses hard Italian bread instead of regular bread, I also use a little bit of bread crumbs in addition to the bread, the eggs are the same, the cheese I prefer fresh pecarino romano cheese as apposed to the old dried up and tasteless cheese in the canister. I never use old garlic, I use fresh garlic, I dice some then I crush some and throw them in the gravy, I also like to add flavor to the gravy by adding premium sausage from the best pork store you can find to give the gravy a richer and meatier flavor. I ...


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