Thursday, February 7, 2013

Big Ten Inch the o-ring story

Big Ten Inch the o-ring story Video Clips. Duration : 5.03 Mins.

Beavis,, Butt-head said,, hey Beavis,, the hippie is talking about a big ten inch,,,, o-ring, I have went backwards for a fireside chat, old school you can't beat it, and before I forget it let me say it's a rainy night in Georgia, just a summer cloud, the start of it all was a jumanji roll, you see I am supposed to be doing something else, now I have been working on this 24 volt dc electric spinning wheel for four days, nothing but bread and water, can you hear it? (Ryan Bingham) gettin'-er done here on the east coast of Arkansas, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, mark it unread, hit replay, the story goes on, some of the brands you will find are ashford, indian, halo, mach 1, lendrum, universal, hitchhiker, vespera, eel, babe, kiwi, hansen, navajo, butterfly and you can also go back to the basics, use a drop spindle or a slingblade, as always get-er done, unofficially this is useless information, you can quote me on that, and the awesome logic of it all, the story goes on, remember to breathe in and breathe out or vise versa, life goes on, Shakespeare, I think not..............


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