Thursday, February 21, 2013

Minecraft - Fastest Automatic Wheat Farm (13w05a)

Minecraft - Fastest Automatic Wheat Farm (13w05a) Video Clips. Duration : 3.83 Mins.

Fastest automatic wheat / carrot / potato farm, that works in snapshot 13w05a (1.5 redstone update). Very compact and the speed is about the same as the old auto wheat farm designs in 1.4.7 and older. What has changed? It now takes 2-4 (random) bone meal to grow wheat, carrots & potatoes. The machine has 3 dispensers because I have noticed that it almost never takes 4 bonemeal (or doesn't take at all). No nether quartz needed for this build too. Sorry for the yellow tint & the bad mic! Forgot to turn flux off and need to buy a new mic :/ Get the new snapshot: ——————————————————— Social: Twitter - Facebook - Livestream - ——————————————————— Music: Make sure to leave a rating & a comment! Subscribe for more videos :-)


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